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Board & Staff

The Board

Current Board Members

Sandie Rowe
Frank Eck, Jr.
Ed Zumstein
Roland Cutter
Matt Gilmore
William Goins

Victoria Lutz
Charlotte Maley
Ron Westerfeld
Tom Leininger
Pr. John Walker
Pr. Bob Meckley

Jeff Slyman
Bryan Hawk
Willis Bright
Amy Hoyng
David McNamee
Pr. Robert Swanson


People Making a Difference

A team of creative professional therapists, non-clinical professionals, and clinical support personnel have been carefully selected to lead and manage the full spectrum of treatment programs available at Wernle and to ensure that each resident gets the care they need to have a positive future.


Darrell R. Gordon, MSA, JD, CFRM
P: 765-939-4570

Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Kent Grider Ed.D, Ed.S
P: 765-966-2506
F: 765-938-8033

Director of Finance

Gregg Stein, MBA
P: 765-966-2506

Senior Program Manager

David Cruse
P: 765-966-2506

Director of Continuous Quality Assurance

Kevin L. Handley, Sr.
P: 765-939-4571
F: 765-939-8303

Director of Nursing

Lauria Hale
P: 765-939-4561

Manager of Special Events & Campus Chaplain

Clifford Nunn
P: 765-966-2506
F: 765-962-4210

Clinical Manager

Sharon Mibey
P: 765-939-4572

Director of Referral Development

Southern Indiana and Ohio
Norm Smith
P: 765-939-4544
F: 765-939-8303