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From the Desk of Pastor Cliff Nunn



"He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds."


Wernle has been a faith-based community since 1879. We were founded in the Lutheran tradition and continue to be strongly supported by them and many other denominations.  We are simply a community supported by God’s faithful. 

Programs and activities that promote faith are encouraged but not made mandatory. The love of God and the positive attributes of faith are emphasized. Anything that evokes guilt, shame, or fear is avoided. Children at Wernle often have an abundance of guilt and shame, and our staff assists them with the resolution of those feelings rather than reinforce them.

Concepts of grace, forgiveness, love, kindness, patience, service and stewardship are just a few of the values that we model for the children and ultimately may be embraced by them when faith is given a prominent role within the program.

One way we do this is through our weekly Chapel services.  Every Tuesday evening we offer a service for everyone who would like to attend: children and staff.  The service lasts an hour and we see God at work.  His word is presented and brings healing, love, grace, and forgiveness into the hearts and lives of those present.  Many nights services conclude with individuals coming forward to speak confidentially and to ask for specific prayers. 

During a recent service, I shared with the congregation that they had never experienced the full extent of love as God had intended.  You see, in the lives of most of our youth love has been broken.  They feel that they are the reason for their rejection, abuse, and hardship.  They have been told that they are worthless, hopeless, and unworthy of love and acceptance.  This is not how God wants them to view, accept, and give love.

As I continued to share, questions were asked, tears flowed, scriptures were discussed and stories were shared.  It was beautiful to see God at work.  While we strive to bring the best that our medical and clinical resources have available, sometimes all that is needed is the love, grace, and forgiveness of our Heavenly Father. 


Until we meet again,

Pastor Cliff

“May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.”  Numbers 6:24-26 NKJV.





According to the Indiana 2018 KIDS Count Data Book, under the heading of Religion and Spirituality, involvement in faith-based communities during adolescence has been shown to help youth in the transition to youth adulthood. Religious involvement during adolescence is associated with reduced likelihood of engaging in violent behavior, abusing drugs, getting in trouble at school or engaging in criminal behavior.


Thrivent Choice - An opportunity to make a difference to our youth. 

Thrivent Choice is a member-advised charitable grant program that makes it easy for eligible Thrivent members to help support our organization and its mission to help the hurting children. You have the opportunity to distribute Choice Dollars charitable outreach funds to Wernle. 


Current Needs List


Sometimes it may seem that we always need the same items.  Well, actually we do.  With so many youth on campus and with them frequently coming and going, we are always in need of certain items.  We try and keep them listed and current, but these items are always needed.

Body Wash for both male & female (we are no longer able to accept bar soap)

Shampoo for both male & female

Netted laundry bags with drawstring

Men’s boxer briefs in all adult sizes, sm, md, lg, xlg, xxlg

Adult sized socks for both males & females. 

Twin sized sheet sets

Plastic pillow protectors

Plastic twin size mattress protectors

Full size bath towels & wash cloths

Twin size blankets


We also accept and need gently used clothing and shoes for our youth.  Please remember that we generally need adult sizes as our population is primarily jr high and high school aged.




Thanks everyone for your support and generosity from this summer!